THACO College was built from the idea of Thaco Group’s businessman and chairman, Mr Tran Ba Duong. The idea was the strategy of human resources development for Automobile mechanical engineering industry in the poor central with hard weather.

The college was established on May 12th, 2010 under the Decision No 595/2010/QD-BLDTBXH of the Ministry of Labor, invalids and social affairs, with the training careers of automobile technology, automobile assembly, metal cutting, welding, industrial electricity, automobile painting technology, blending, automobile refrigerator, small and medium business management, polimer composite, lift truck operation. Chu Lai – Truong Hai vocational college is a part of Chu Lai – Truong Hai automobile manufacturing and assembling Complex. The address is in Tam Hiep industrial zone, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province.

The college enrolls and trains students from Quang Nam province, Binh Son district (Quang Ngai province) and some nearby provinces. All the students get free fee, free uniform, free lunch and free bus. They are directly trained and guided on the production lines of the factories by engineers, managers. Especially, after graduation, 100% of the students are given suitable jobs in the factories of the complex.

The functions
Train human resources at three levels of intermediate, pre-intermediate and elementary. Students have good health, good morality and good knowledge and skills, meeting the working demand.
Train technicians, co – operate with enterprises, business for diversifying training types, combining training activities with real production.
Inter – training among levels according to the training laws.
Provide human resources for economic enterprises, industrial zones and labor exporting.
Combine training activities with research activities and technical and scientific application, contributing to the development of automobile technology.

The tasks:

Training technical human resources directly  for production and service at 3 levels of intermediate, pre- intermediate and elementary,  equipping students with job skills suitable with training levels, good health, good morality, industrial working style to help them find  jobs, or continue to learn at higher levels, meeting the requirements of the labour market.
Building, approving and implementing vocational education programs, curriculums and documents for some careers approved.
Building enrollment plan and organizing vocational education enrollment
Organizing learning and teaching activities, tests, examinations, graduation and degree recognition, as prescribed by the Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.
 Recruiting, managing teachers, staff of quantity, suitable careers, training scale and levels according to the regulations of the Law
Free consulting of job and vocational education for students.
Organizing for trainees to visit and practice in enterprises
Combining with enterprises, organizations, person, and trainees’ families in vocational education activities.
Organizing for teachers, staff and trainees to take part in social activities.
Implementing democracy and openness in vocational education tasks, scientific research and scientific and technical applications in vocational education and financing activities.
Putting the knowledge of languages, costumes, and State laws in vocational programs.
Managing the use of land, facilities, equipment and finances according to regulations of the Law
 Implementing periodic reporting and irregularly reporting according to the regulation.
Implementing other tasks according to regulations of the Law

The length of courses:
-          Intermediate: 30 months
-          Pre –intermediate: 18 months
-          Elementary: 3 – 4 months
Theory learning classrooms and workshops
There are all 19 classrooms, equipped with air – conditioners and 4 workshops for practice with the total area of 1400 m2, including automotive technology, electric and electronics, metal cutting, welding. All the workshops are well – equipped.

The library, with the area of over 116m2, and with more than 1500 kinds of different books are the place for teachers and students to find for themselves necessary materials for their teaching and studying. Besides, the library has wi-fi, which helps students to search information fast and easily.
Informatics practising classroom
The classroom is equipped with 30 new computers with the internet, supporting teaching and studying activities.

Lab room for foreign languages speaking and listening
The lab room is equipped with 25 cabins for foreign languages speaking and listening like English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
Besides, the college invests in physical activities and sport activities. At present, there are a big multi – functional hall with the area of 12.270 m2, a football stadium, 2 table tennis courts and one volleyball court for physical and sport activities after school time.


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